Vendor Terms

Mod Camper is the only online marketplace curating unique, well-crafted, modern camping gear.

To become a Vendor on, potential vendors must register for a Vendor Account. Registering to participate implies acceptance of these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use are a legally binding contract between you, the Vendor, and Mod Camper LLC. “” and “Mod Camper LLC” are used interchangeably in these Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use set out your rights and responsibilities when you use the services provided by Mod Camper LLC. Please read it carefully. By using any of our Services you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. If you don’t agree with the Terms, you may not use our Services.

Listing Fees

There are no fees to list items. provides a free listing for your Shop with free image uploads.


Vendors set the price for their items. Vendors set the shipping charges. Vendors collect shipping charges and sales tax at time of sale. Vendors pay for the cost of shipping and pay all sales taxes. is simply a marketplace; we are not responsible for handling or shipping items nor for paying sales taxes on Vendor’s items.

Payment to Vendors

Mod Camper LLC uses PayPal Adaptive Payments. When a customer pays through PayPal, the order total is split between the Vender and Mod Camper LLC. The Vendor receives 85% of product price; Mod Camper LLC receives 15% of product price. In this way, both partners are paid simultaneously at time of purchase. Vendors must set a PayPal account in their Vendor Dashboard to be paid instantly.

Shipping charges and sales tax are paid to Vendor upon checkout through PayPal. Mod Camper LLC does not collect or hold shipping charges or sales tax. is simply a marketplace; Mod Camper LLC is not responsible for handling or shipping items nor for any Vendor’s sales tax to any state, federal, or international entity.

Mod Camper LLC reserves the right to change its commissions at any time. We will notify Vendors 60 days before any changes take place.

Responsibility for Taxes

Vendors are responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales on calculates sales tax rate at checkout based upon the Customer’s shipping address. We update the U.S. tax rates monthly, but because the U.S. has dozens of state tax rates that change often, we are not responsible for incorrect tax rates. It is up to the Vendor to ensure that the correct taxes are paid to state, federal and/or international agencies.

Please remember that Mod Camper LLC does not withhold any taxes. All sales tax charged to the Customer is paid to the Vendor at the time of purchase. The Vendor is responsible for paying appropriate sales tax to state, federal and/or international agencies.

Mod Camper LLC does not include taxes when calculating commissions.

Shipping Purchased Items

As a vendor, you agree to ship sold items to the buyer within 5 business days. Failure to ship orders will result in an unfavorable vendor rating and possible account suspension.

Please remember that Mod Camper LLC does not withhold shipping charges. All shipping charged to the Customer is paid to the Vendor at the time of purchase.

You must ship the item according to the shipping method chosen. If you ship an item by a method different from that which was selected by the customer, it may result in an unfavorable vendor rating and possible account suspension.

Mod Camper LLC does not include shipping costs when calculating commissions.

Returns/Exchanges will vet initial customer service questions and email you if it becomes necessary for exchange or refund.

  • In case of exchange, Mod Camper is not responsible for additional shipping charges nor refund of 15% commission charge.
  • In case of return, Mod Camper is not responsible for additional shipping charges nor refund of 15% commission charge.


Vendors agree to sell the item to any buyer that successfully purchases the item.

If the Vendor is found to have falsified the description of an item, the Vendor's account will be permanently suspended and the Vendor will be charged any necessary and reasonable fees for correcting the issue. Fraud is a criminal offense and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Illegal activity

Vendors agree to not use this site for unlawful purposes or in an unlawful manner. You agree to comply with all applicable local, state, federal and international laws, statutes and regulations regarding use of the site. You agree not to use or permit any one to use information provided through the site for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose.

Illegal items and items that promote illegal activity, including counterfeit or stolen items, are prohibited on All forms of illegal activity are strictly prohibited. In addition, listings may not facilitate or promote illegal acts through images or descriptions.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on These substances face serious legal restrictions and in many cases, are considered controlled substances under applicable law. Tobacco sales are prohibited on

Hazardous Materials

For safety reasons and due to complex legal regulations surrounding certain items, hazardous materials are prohibited on The following materials are examples of prohibited hazardous materials:

  • Explosives (fireworks or sparklers)
  • Flammable items (including liquids or loose matches)
  • Gases
  • Radioactive material
  • Toxic substances (such as poisons)


Pornography of any sort is prohibited on


Mod Camper LLC does not allow items or listings that promote, support or glorify intolerance or hatred toward people or otherwise demean people based upon: race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation or items or content that promote organizations or people with such views.

Promotional Material

The Customer name and address information is provided for the sole purpose of shipping the specific purchased product(s) and may not be used for any other purpose, either in connection with such shipment(s) or separately from such shipment(s). You agree not to include in your shipment to buyers any promotional or other commercial material that announces a website or invites the buyer to visit a website other than You agree not to separately contact the buyer beyond fulfillment of purchases through

Non-Promotional Material

The inclusion of extraneous materials in a shipment may offend or bother buyers and may negatively affect your vendor rating. If Mod Camper LLC receives a complaint relating to your shipments regarding extraneous materials we may immediately terminate any pending sales, or immediately terminate your Vendor account. You agree not to separately contact the buyer beyond fulfillment of purchases through


We may investigate complaints and violations of our policies. You agree to cooperate fully with such investigations. We may take any action that we deem appropriate in our sole discretion, including without limitation issuing a warning, or suspension or termination of service, denying access, and removal of listings of items from, or recommending you edit a listing if: (a) you breach this Agreement or the documents it incorporates by reference; (b) you are unwilling to cooperate with our investigation of a complaint or reported violation; (c) we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide; (d) or we believe your conduct may cause legal liability for you, for other Vendors, for Customers, or for Mod Camper LLC.

Disclosure of Information

Fraudulent conduct may be reported to law enforcement in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and Mod Camper LLC will cooperate to ensure that violators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Mod Camper LLC also reserves the right to report any activity that it suspects violates any law or regulation to appropriate law enforcement officials, regulators, or other relevant third parties.


For all goods you list as the Vendor, you warrant that your descriptions of the goods accurately detail and describe the goods offered for sale.

You represent and warrant that any information you provide to us, to other Vendors, or to Customers (a) is not false, inaccurate, misleading, obscene or defamatory; (ii) is not fraudulent; (iii) does not involve the sale of counterfeit or stolen items; (iv) does not infringe any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, rights of publicity or privacy, or other right; (v) does not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation, including without limitation those governing consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising; and, (vi) does not contain any viruses or any programming that is intended to damage or interfere with any system, data or personal information.

You agree to indemnify and hold Mod Camper LLC, our affiliates, partners (online or offline), officers, directors, attorneys, agents and employees, harmless against all liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by Mod Camper LLC, and its affiliates, officers, directors, agents, attorneys and employees that arise out of any claim asserted by a third party that involves, relates to or concerns any of your actions or omissions.

Last updated:  November 30, 2016