Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles


These three-section trekking poles feature an updated grip for added comfort and utilizes Dual FlickLocks to provide total adjustability to suit the terrain at hand. These poles provide reliable stability and easy adjustment for any trail adventure.

  • Rubber grip with rib pattern to reduce vibration
  • Vari-width nylon webbing strap with woven lining for increased comfort
  • Non-slip EVA foam grip extension
  • Three-section aluminum shaft
  • Double FlickLock adjustability
  • Long Flex tips
  • Includes low profile trekking baskets

Knee Savers
December 12, 2016
I could have completed a recent hike without these, but I would have had to leave my knee caps on the trail. If you’re taking a long hike with lots of incline I recommend getting over the sticker price and breaking these out. There are lighter versions and some have shock absorption, but I was highly satisfied with these at my side. 50+ pounds of pack, and a couple of inclines and declines going sideways. I was expecting them to bend or break. Nothing. 5/5 definitely worth it.