Tick Tornado ZenPet Tick Remover

Tick Tornado ZenPet Tick Remover instructions

Let’s face it, nobody likes ticks. There’s nothing worse then getting into camp bed and finding a tick crawling on Buddy or on you. The Tick Tornado ZenPet Tick Remover is the best tick remover kit for pets and humans. Don’t be caught in the wild without this tick removal kit! It’s the first line of defense in Lyme disease prevention in both humans and pets. Can be used on humans and pets. This small kit is the perfect size for storing in your glove box or trunk, RV, travel trailer, backpack or bag. Veterinarian and physician approved.

The twisting motion of the Tick Tornado is necessary to ensure that no parts of the tick’s mouth is left behind in the skin when the tick is removed. This helps to minimize the chance of transferring infectious agents, like Babesiosis and Lyme Disease.

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