Sea to Summit X Set 32 Collapsible Camp Cookware

Sea to Summit X Set 32 Collapsible Camp Cookware employs hard-anodized aluminum bases that allow camp stove cooking. The beauty is how they collapse and nest with its dinnerware and other X cookware, creating the most compact cooking and eating sets you’ll find. The set nests completely together for ease of transport and storage! Perfect for backpacking, camping, boating, and use in small travel trailers and teardrop trailers that have limited storage. X Pots are built with BPA free, food grade, heat resistant silicone.

The Sea to Summit X Set 32 includes: X-Pot (2.8L), X Kettle (1.3L) & X Pan (9 in. (dia) X 1 in.). The X cookware can be used on a two-burner camp stove. Just keep the flame pattern of the burner inside the ring printed on the base of the pot (and keep the heat lower – the bases conduct heat really well).

For an extra pot, bowls, and mugs, grab the Sea To Summit X Set 31 Collapsible Pot, Bowls, and Mugs Set. Need an extra bowls and mugs? The Sea to Summit X Collapsible Bowl and Mug Set is perfect. And add the Sea to Summit Cutlery set, and you’re ready to camp!

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