Eva-Dry E-150 Moisture Absorber Pouch (4 Pack)


Eva-Dry Disposable Moisture Absorber Pouch protects up to 150 cubic feet from moisture. These spill-free, charcoal-activated moisture absorbers are ideal for small spaces. Use in your RV, travel trailer, and boat drawers, cabinets and cupboards. Pop them in your tent bag, dry sack, shoe bag, car, golf bag, and instrument case!

Carefully engineered with charcoal-activating technology, each Eva-Dry disposable moisture absorber will quickly and efficiently absorb up to 4 to 6 oz. of moisture from the air without any leaks or spills. Each pouch is compact and disposable, uses no batteries or cords and works for up to 60 days. Pouches are perforated, allowing for easy moisture absorption. Store unused pouches in original, sealable package for later use.

Size Chart

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