BioBag 13-Gallon Biodegradable Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags

Unlike regular plastic, BioBags can be consumed by micro-organisms that live in soil. Because they’re made with starches from renewable crops, these bags can be readily composted along with organic waste in municipal composting facilities.


BioBag 13-Gallon Biodegradable Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags are sized equivalent to regular plastic bags and fit most kitchen waste cans. This sturdy bag is perfect for collecting food waste, paper and other packaging items.

Change out your used BioBag every 3-5 days; condensation may form when used in a closed container. Rest assured that the moisture is condensation and that the bag should not be leaking with proper use. Some consumers place a paper towel at the bottom of the can to collect any condensation. BioBags are manufactured in the USA with resin sourced from Italy. BioBags are BPA free and FDA Approved.

  • Contains 48 Compostable BioBags, 13 Gallon Size, 22.2″ x 29.0″, 0.68 mil
  • Star sealed BioBag composting bags are gathered at the bottom for extra strength
  • Made from the starches of plants, vegetable oils and fully compostable polymers
  • Sized to fit most kitchen waste cans; perfect for food, paper and other compostable waste
  • Certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute to meet the ASTM D6400 standard and meets European EN 13432
  • Certified by OK Compost HOME for disposal in home backyard compost settings
  • Meet strict criteria for GMO avoidance to achieve this verification

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