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Our Airstream 22 ft. '02 International CCD

Our Airstream 22 ft. '02 International CCD

Our current rig is a fiberglass 16 ft. '99 Scamp

Our current rig is a fiberglass '99 Scamp 16'

We understand the modern camping lifestyle.

We've roughed it with only a sleeping bag and matches. Yet we’ve also crisscrossed the United States in a 22 ft. Airstream. We appreciate the technical, functional, and aesthetic needs of both minimalist trekkers and leisure-loving glampers.

The idea for Mod Camper was born during one cross-country adventure. Facing the same old boring products over and over again in every store we came across throughout the country made us wonder... why couldn't we find interesting, unique, stylish products? If we were looking for them, surely others were as well.  We began to question fellow travelers, and we found that they were experiencing the same frustrations.

We are all searching for that perfect item which is functional, yet stylish.

Once we began to research, we found dozens of camping, hiking and outdoor gear companies in the U.S., Europe, and beyond, that offer unique, modern camping gear. We created the Mod Camper marketplace to introduce these products to a broader audience.

The Marketplace

We continually search the world for unique, well-crafted, modern products to make camping, glamping, hiking, festivals, and trekking more comfortable and stylish.

Stop by often as we add new products to the Marketplace weekly.

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