Pineapple Float Lounger

Pineapple Float lounger

We’re dreaming of Mai Tai’s and luaus! This giant, tropical Pineapple Float Lounger will have you dreaming of throwing a tiki party at the pool, at the river, or at the beach!

At over 6’ with a weight capacity up to 300lbs, this lounger will stand up to the kids and the party animals. It’s super easy to inflate! Just grab a standard air pump or a hairdryer set to cool and you’ll be ready to go in less than 5 minutes. And a quick release valve enables it to deflate in only 3 minutes so you can easily pack it in the car and head to the beach or quickly deflate it at the end of the season for hassle-free storage.

Thick, soft and durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material Need a pump so you don’t have to stop at the gas station to pump this baby up? Check out our compact air pumps!